Desoto County Swap

Got stuff you don't need anymore, but just can't throw it out? Sell it here!

There is Zero Tolerance for any Drama you will be deleted .

*But first, please read!

1.)We are not responsible for anything that goes on or off this site, so use caution when picking up or selling your item. We will not be responsible for anything
2.)If you do not show up to pick-up/sell and you are reported we just hit the delete button.
3.) Since there are so many site's for resale you must put cross posted ( X-POSTED) since there will be a time stamp to let you know who wanted it first. and put where pick up is .
4.)No PayPal or credit cards sites allowed on this site. Cash only! Sorry! No exceptions!
5.)If your feel you must run your Mouth and say anything ugly you will be deleted
6.).Do not give advice if you think someone doing something wrong. Its not your place. The Administrator's will do there job. If feel you need to report something, please do so to the administrator only.
7.)If you can not find your post, its because people post everyday and it will take time to scroll down to find your post. no one deletes them.
8.) If you can not load your post, its not the site. You need to check your privacy settings. You must share your post and picture public or no one will see your post.
9.)Sorry but we do not allow Avon, Diet, Candle Etc,company's to sell on this site at all. We do delete them.
10.) No knock off allowed .Seller has the right to refuse a sell if you don't pick up in a timely manner. They don't have to hold anything either.
12)NO FREE PETS AT ALL iF YOU DON'T HAVE A RE-HOMING FEE YOU WILL BE DELETED It must be over 20.00 or more.No asking for free pets allowed you will be deleted without warning.