Family With MORE Freedom

This is a group for people to buy and sell items they do not want anymore. Please abide by these easy few rules:

1. Please keep it civil! Please don't use profanity. We are all adults, lets act like it.

2. Please try and only bump once every 24 hours. I'm not going to kick you off and not let you back on, but please be courteous of everyone else's posts, as we are all trying to sell our items.

3. Please use the site carefully and try and meet in a public place if you do not know the person. ***We as Admins are not liable if something goes wrong.

4. Always check items upon picking them up. ***We as Admins also are not held responsible if you get something that wasn't described, or in the shape you were promised. Again, let's all be adults.

5. Please NO bashing. I created this site so we have more freedom to post and what not, but no posting bad stuff about businesses or people on here. Yes, there are ways to warn buyers of bad sellers without BASHING them.

6. Try to delete your posts please. If you cant, mark them sold and I will delete them. Or you can message me and I can do it for you :)

7. Please make sure that you have a way for your item to get to the Sidney area if you post!


9. Absolutely NO ItWorks! posts allowed. No selling product, no asking for fan gain, no anything. Compliance is cracking down and I can also get in trouble for you posting on my page. Therefore, the first time its posted by you, I'll just delete it. Second+ times I will turn you into compliance myself. I don't care if you are a loyal, a distributor, or a retail customer.

10. If you have 5 or more photos we are politely asking you post them in an album and bump the album or a couple of photos at a time. I'm tired of getting complaints that people are tired of scrolling through 20 photos from the same person. Please be respectful of other people.

11. If you own your business (small business NOT direct sellers), you may add the link to your FB page with a description of what you sell. I do NOT want to see your inventory on this page.

12. Once a month, probably the 1st day, the site will be down. We will be deleting old photos.

13. If you post the same item for sale a day apart with diff prices and don't delete your old post, you will be removed. I found a person(s) who had the pic of the same item for sale, on diff days, with 4 different prices. You want to drop the price on your item? That's great but DELETE your old post/photo.

This is a group based out of the SIDNEY, MT AREA. Includes all surrounding areas. If you are NOT from the Bakken Area, please do not post your business/direct selling stuff! I know there are plenty of direct sellers in the area that would like to expand their business in their own area. Thank you

Other than that, have fun! Thanks!