Ashburne and Sheavyn Music Society 2012-13

This group is for residents of Ashburne and Sheavyn who are interested in music and play an instrument or sing at any standard or genre, and wish to join the Ashburne and Sheavyn Music Society.

Ashburne and Sheavyn host 2 music concerts every year in the Ashburne dining hall for all of our residents, one at Christmas and one at Easter. Performers are members of the halls and it would be fantastic if members of the society could perform :)

Last year's concerts were amazing, hopefully this year's will be even better :)

Members of the society can post details of their instruments and you can talk amongst yourselves to form whatever musical group that takes your fancy :)

To become a member of the society, just join this group - you don't have to have attended the meeting last Sunday! I will use this page to contact you regarding details of the concerts!

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to post on here or message me :)

Ashburne and Sheavyn Music Rep (JCR 2011-12)