COMMUNITY BILL BOARD (BLB, Coden, DI, Grand Bay, Irvington, St Elmo, Theod)

This group has been set up as a local Community Bill Board for Bayou La Batre, Coden, San Souci, Fowl River, Heron Bay, Alabama Port, Dauphin Insland, Mon Louis Island, Irvington, Theodore, St. Elmo and, Grand Bay. Posts your announcements, events, sales, rentals, whatever.

Group Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

1) DO watch the way you talk to others...If anyone wants to argue, use foul language or in any way be disrespectful to other members OR admins – be advised this COULD get you banned. Depending on how severe things are, we will issue a warning first. NO PROFANITY WHATSOEVER WILL BE TOLERATED!
2) DO give ADMINS time to take care of things. If there is an issue PLEASE remember ADMIN are not online 24/7, so it could take time to resolve issues, because we need to talk things over sometimes!
3) DO NOT talk about other people in this group in a bad way, if you have problems with someone’s post, please let me know by private messaging. DO NOT put anyones character on display!
4) DO delete your posts after you have sold the item or found what you may have been looking for (this is for those of you selling or receiving) !
5) DO NOT get offended because admin use caps as this is our method of getting members attention being that our post in the group can get lost
6) DO NOT post game links of any kind to the group wall unless having the ADMINS permission first
7) DO go to notifications and turn them off and uncheck the email box if you dont wanna be notified about things in the group
8) DO NOT post illicit pics or porn, will be deleted and you will be banned from group immediately!
9) We ask that you do not Bump posts without a change or an update. Users have alerts set for this group to notify them of new announcements or events. Because this is a community board we want the members to leave the alerts on, it they get notifications about the same posts all of the time they tend to turn them off.