BBBS Moms of Spring/The Woodlands

This is a Beg, Borrow, Buy and Sell group created with Spring Moms in mind. This group wants to focus on listing baby, kids and household items.

1) Please be courteous and respectful of all members on the message board.

2) Keep posts limited to items that are being sold. It is ok to post about Garage Sales as long as you remove the post after the garage sale is finished.

3) You are buying and selling at your own risk.

4) The person who is selling the item has the right to sell to whomever they want to. It is a courtesy to sell on a “first come, first served” basis but this may not always be the case. Getting into a verbal argument on the board will not be tolerated and may cause you to get banned.

5) When posting an item, please make sure to include an accurate description, picture, where you are located and the price you would like to sell it for.

6) When you have sold an item-please remove the posting (you can do so by clicking the "x" in the right hand corner of your post).

7) ISO=in search of.
Bump=bring the post back up to the top of the page. An asterisk or any other comment will bring a post back to the top of the page.
MMAO - make me an offer
NWT - new with tags
NWOT - new without tags
EUC - excellent used condition (no stains, wear, fading)
VGUC - very good used condition (no stains, but may have slight fading)
GUC - good used condition (may have small/light stains, and/or fading)
PC - play condition (fading, stains, wear)

If someone posts something that we feel is inappropriate or a “disagreement” ensues, we will remove the post.

9) Try tagging the person that you are asking a question to. "tagging" (if you don't know) is when you put @ then try typing the person’s name, it will bring a drop down menu of names for you to choose from, find the correct person click on it, it will then highlight their name in your post, alerting them you have a question.

10) Check your “other” message box in Facebook. If the person selling something is not your “friend” that is where the question or comment will go.

11) Please do not post 3 or 4 pics of the same object. If you want to do it then create a "photo album". Tons of pictures of the same object will cause them to be removed.

12) Please treat this as you would a garage sale. While 99% of the buyers/sellers are truthful and honest, it is the buyers responsibility to check out the merchandise to your satisfaction BEFORE giving the Seller your money.

13) If you have over three items for sale you should create a photo album. Very easy: 1) make sure all of your photos are in one "folder" on your computer. 2) click on add photo/video. 3) on the RIGHT side is "create photo album" 4) Select photos. 5) click on the first photo, hold down the shift key and click on last photo (they should all be highlighted). 6) upload. Tah-dah!

14) You may not bump a post more than once in a 24 hour period. This includes posting the same thing multiple times, they will be removed. Please "bump" your posts, don't create a new one. Multiple posts will be removed and could get you banned!

*Thanks so much for helping to make this a great place to buy and sell.