The Village Bentonville

"It takes a village to raise a child"

What do we do?
We use technology to bring mothers together in online and offline community. The Village West is a Private Group and by invitation only, for purpose of providing a safe-trusting community for everyone involved.

Who are we:
We are mothers in need of community.
We are mothers with a heart for giving and service and who just want to help.
We are mothers without mothers, mothers with busy mothers..
We are mothers who get nervous when completing the "emergency contact" part.
We are mothers who can't make it to carpool one day.
We are mothers who grew up in small town America that miss community.
We come in all colors, all classes, all shapes and sizes, all religions, etc.
We are mothers who are at their breaking point.
We are mothers on top of it.
We are mothers in need of a 2 hr. babysitter last minute.
We are mothers that work and mothers that stay at home.
We are mothers who love our neighbors children.
We are mothers wanting to help other mothers.
We are mothers that need to borrow used soccer cleats and ballet shoes.
We are mothers who know "It takes a Village to raise a child!"