Constant Consignment: San Angelo, TX

Do not advertise your business or spam the page in any way. This is a buying/selling/trading page...

Rules for Constant Consignment:
1. You may post ONE individual picture of the item for sale without creating an album.
2. Please do NOT post more than 5 items per day. We want to avoid any type of “spamming” on the page and allow each person to have their fare share of time at the top of the page!
3. Once you have established a “seller/buyer” commitment, please continue your conversation via private message.
4. Change your privacy settings so that everyone is able to message you!
5. You may post your garage sale information, HOWEVER you should only post the day before and day of. You may bump it up a reasonable amount of times (2-3 times).
6. MOST IMPORTANTLY : Remove each post once it has sold!
7. Have fun and be safe! :)

Looking to make a few bucks on those gently used items you have taking up space in your home?

Constant Consignment all...ows you to keep on selling AND shopping, even after the consignment "season" is done.

Post a photo of your item(s) on our wall along with a description, your asking price, and any contact information you wish to give out. For posting multiple items/photos, please make an album on your FB wall and then share the link to our wall, so that we can all see your treasure chest of goodies!

Need something for baby/house but don't see it on problem...just post what you are looking for and I'm sure someone out there has one they are trying to get rid of :)