Daily Reflection For Servants of Christ

Welcome to the companion group to Daily Scriptures For Servants Of Christ and Daily Bible Trivia For Servants Of Christ. At first we wanted to add prayer requests and reflections to the Scripture group but then we decided a companion group would be best as adding things to the Scripture only theme would take attention away from the Word of God. Nothing should ever take away from the Word. In this group Scripture is allowed of course but to add to it we ask that you place your prayer requests and reflections here as well. God does answer prayers! The important thing to remember is that He does it in His own time and way. He promises us nothing as far as from the perspective of the false prosperity gospel. Money to eat is different than money to play. I hope you all will find this a welcoming place. Don't hesitate at any time to private message any of the admins here at yours and the Lord's service. God bless you all and welcome again.

Basic rules to start..............

1) No insulting, flaming or harassment of any type will be tolerated here. If this happens the offending member will be removed and banned without notice. Treat everybody here with respect. Do as the Lord would do.

2) Absolutely no spamming or requests for money will be allowed here. One warning will be given and the offending post will be deleted. If it happens a second time the offending poster will be removed and banned without explanation.

3) This group was created for the purpose of prayer and reflection to the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob. The God of the Holy Bible and no other. If you are a member of a group that teaches another gospel and you wish to spread the teachings of it then this group isn't for you. If you wish to spread your unorthodox doctrines here then you will be removed but if you are a member of one of these groups and wish to learn more about the one true God and not try to spread false doctrines here then you are welcome.

4) We read only from the Holy Bible here. No book of Mormon or related, NWT or other books will be recognized here.