It's my birthday, I got you a gift.

With 2012 being the big year of change, I thought that we could all take on a little change. Maybe even for the better.

Most of us have a birthday every year. We get excited for all the fun and exciting things our friends will do for us. Or maybe we even get all bummed out because our friends and family don't meet our expectations.

Well I would like to argue that we have had Birthdays bass ackwards. A birthday should be a time when one celebrates their lives by showing thanks for all the people they have in it. One should not be accepting gifts on your birthday. One should be the purveyor of gifts. Turn birthdays from a reaction day to an action day.

Let 2012 be the year we changed birthdays from selfish to selfless.

Add every person you can to this group and let's spread the word to change birthdays forever.