Skinnyme™ Nutritional Diet Programme

Skinnyme Nutritional Diet Programme: The diet is based on the same principle as 27 very popular weightloss clinics in Canada. The products are natural and contain nutrients, homeopathic minerals and plant extracts.

The package will last 4 weeks and consists of:
*1 Vial of homeopathic electrolyte and fluid balancing tablets
*An appetite suppressing, fat burning, metabolism boosting mixture made of herbal plant extracts.
*2 Vials of dietary nutrient tablets
* 8 injections worth of Cobalamin/VitB12 injection fluid for energy (we now also have a daily tablet instead of the injection)
* Needles, alcohol swabs and injections for 8 Cobalamin/VitB12 injections( two a week, mondays and thursdays)
*Weight and measurements chart
*Complete diet guidelines
*Example of a daily menu
*Support throughout your diet