Country Lake Estates, Jonesboro, Arkansas

This group is for the citizens of Country Lake Estates located in Jonesboro, AR. The primary focus of this group is to connect and communicate with our neighbors. While respecting your privacy, this group has been created to post items relating to our neighborhood. Items that include, but not limited to: 1) unusual activities and safety information, 2) common beautification areas such as the entrance, 3) neighborhood issues.

This group is not to be used solicitation of offering goods or services, the act of attempting to purchase such goods or services, or personal support for political or social agendas. These items and others that are deemed inappropriate may result in the ban from this group.

Currently, only citizens living in the neighborhood may join. Membership can only be extended by another member. Only members are allowed to view and post to this group. As of July 23, 2012, this group is not visible by general Facebook users, thus members invite members.