Sam Cobb for Homecoming Queen 2011

Throughout my time at MTSU I have gained a love and respect for this campus through my interactions with its students, alumni, faculty and staff. I have been involved on campus in a variety of ways, from the Horse Judging Team and Agriculture Council to the Student Government Association. Each group I have come in contact with has instilled in me a unique form of Blue Raider pride. It is this very pride and passion for the university that has led me to seek Homecoming Queen.

I would like to see the Homecoming King and Queen become more involved with campus events and start to serve as a voice for the student body. The quality of student life at MTSU is dependent upon the various facets and individuals on campus being in harmony. This harmony is achieved through open lines of communication and the free flow of ideas. As Homecoming Queen, I would strive to strengthen this channel in the hopes that everyone can have an avenue to voice opinions in a manner where action can be taken. This is one of the few ways to truly improve the quality of student life at MTSU.