Cochrane Moms Trading Post

Your Admin team: Su Davies, Lisha Fitz, Leeza Anaka-Pierson, Patti Kincaid, Baudina Slikker, Melissa Breau, Jayda Howard, Kristi Wowryk, Susan Small & Amy Tuer.
~ Please only post photos in albums, not on the wall
~ If an item is spoken for please DELETE photo and repost if not picked up.
~Please delete all sold items
~Also in order to try to keep it tidy, items will be deleted if they have been on for one month
~Any photos not in albums will be deleted
~If you are selling an item that you do not feel fits in any album, please contact admins and we would be happy to make an appropriate album for you
~how to access albums from your mobile or tablet: If you log into facebook via safari rather than the app you will have access to both view and post pictures in the albums using desktop mode
~Please review albums prior to posting a question. We have lots of great information both in albums, documents and on the wall already! And google is a great resource!
~Feel free to comment on your photo in order for it to show up on the wall. You may “bump” it back to the top of the wall every two weeks for sale and “looking for” items.
~No adding pictures to the 'comments' area, post in albums only please.
~No 'hijacking' photos. If you have something for sale you must post your own photo and not comment on someone elses.
~Sales are between Seller and Buyer, Admins are there to facilitate the smooth running of the site not get involved in the finer points of the sales
~Items must be available in Cochrane, if you live outside you must be willing to deliver to Cochrane. Please state this in your comments
~Albums will be emptied each month, if you item didn't sell you will have to repost
~If someone posts something on the wall for sale and you are bidding on it, you may want to message them right away or let them know to move their photo to an album - otherwise the photo will be deleted and you might not be able to get it.
~In regards to messaging, once you are interested in an item try to message (PM) the person rather than always commenting on the photo, it bumps it up the page and other people’s new items are not being seen.
~Also please check out the files. There are times that we have some good information from everyone that I put in there to reference.
~Buyer beware. Once an item is sold it is sold. Inspect the item and ask questions prior to purchasing.
Thanks everyone! I think this page is coming along so well thanks to everyone's cooperation!
~ ZERO TOLERANCE. This means there will be no drama of any kind. This includes insults, personal attacks, rude comments, etc. Should we notice anything of this matter or receive any emails from fellow members that this type of behaviour is happening, the offending person will be removed and permanently banned from the site.
~ Please contact admin for any help, concerns, feedback, etc. Thank you.