Monash Med 2016

This is a group for the Clayton and Gippsland Monash MBBS graduating class of 2016.

The views expressed on this page by members of the group are not necessarily representative of the position of MUMUS. However, comments deemed by the Administrators to be personal attacks, offensive or discriminatory regarding any member/s of the group, faculty or MUMUS committee will not be tolerated, and administrators have the power to remove such comments and issue a written warning to the perpetrator. After 2 warnings, students will be removed from the group and will only regain access pending MUMUS Executive Committee approval.

MUMUS Social Media Policy is in place for this group. Please read the policy at if you are planning to to post anything promotional/advertising
Izzy Hau (Year 4C Academic Representative)
Rosie Latimer (Year 4C Social Representative)

Tori Berquist (MUMUS President)
Luke Nelson (MUMUS Social Vice President)
Vanessa Wong (MUMUS Academic Vice President)
Hugh Buzacott (MUMUS Postgraduate Vice President)
Luke Fletcher (MUMUS Secretary)