Empowering people with talents and innovations..covering new grounds in it up with style and grace that can never be duplicated...bringing out the best in you and more yet to see...

F.M.Econcept is an event solution company rooted in Event Management, Coordination, Consultation, Event design, Event Planning and Strategy, this company will personalize its services to suit the need of individuals and corporate institutions of all types to help them plan their event as efficient and cost effective as possible.
At F.M.E Entertainment Planet, we believe that your event should be unique and spectacular! In order to achieve this, we ensure that each detail is handled with absolute professionalism. With our gifted team members managing all the coordination and details, so you’ll be able to experience the joy of being a guest at your very own event.
There is a unique attribute to entertainment called F.M.E…… in what your eyes takes in and recognize as beautiful, in what your sense of taste savor in fine food, in what your body react to as cozy and ambience of elegance, in what your style flaunts in paparazzi of flashes, where your mind soar in fine spirit and in what we share with the people we love, with any special event ranging from social occasions, corporate function, red carpet, private party, brand exhibition, shows and lots more is what we at F.M.E ENTERTAINMENT PLANET delivers with style.
We cover all spheres of functions ranging from everyday gatherings to special occasions, from corporate suit events to open space concert and shows, from popular TV designed programme to the runway exhibition