Aussie & Kiwi Scientologists

The purpose of this group is for Scientologists in Australia and New Zealand to support each other in our activities in life.

This INCLUDES Aussies and Kiwis who now live overseas and any Scientologist from overseas that now lives here in Australia or New Zealand.

As Aussies and Kiwis, we stand proud of our achievements and want our voices to be heard! Thus this group was created!

We extend an invitation to our friends who are not an Aussie or a Kiwi, (or do not live here) – but who are involved in 3D and/or 4D campaigns for Australia and New Zealand; or those who wish to visit, to either live here or to take services at one of our fine Orgs.

The purpose of this group is to bring Scientologists in Australia and New Zealand, (along with their friends), together so as to provide a place to meet other Scientologists, to promote your services to others, or to find a form of service you may need.

It can act as a constructive discussion forum, to plan out activities, organise and support our 3D and 4D campaigns.

It is a vehicle to pass on any theta communication, wins, successes, or links that can be used to help disseminate your activities, and especially those in alignment with the Aims of Scientology.

Please note: This group is only for Scientologists in good standing with the Church. You may add members as you see fit, but please do not add Scientologists not in good standing, or non-Scientologists.

As Aussies and Kiwis we are proud people and we love to be heard!