Preloved Baby Goods Deux SG

Welcome to "Preloved Baby Goods Deux SG"!

This group was created as an open group
and does not have any admin that is so
controlling unlike the 'other' one where
the admins think they own Facebook when
it is free to use for everybody.

We highly encourage posting only for
Babies & Maternity items. ☺

Do refrain from selling things that are not
related as the group have exceeded over
5000 of pictures and some posts may not
appear correctly.

Feel free to post the Babies & Maternity
items that you wish to Sell or Bless.

We will advise you to create an album if
is more than 3 photos and request you to
delete your post & album when the items
have been sold.

Hope you enjoy being in this group.

Do feel free to contact the admins should
you need any assistance and we will be glad
to assist you.

We also wish to share with everyone regarding
some missing PM's messages that might have
landed to "other" folder which we might not
be aware of if they are not in our friend list
especially since we access though mobile
Facebook app.☺

You may check your "Other" folder mailbox.
Just click the below link: