KHAATUMO STATE OF SOMALIA <3..united we stand divided we fall :)

NEW State of Maakhir & Khatumo - - Maamulka CUSUB ee Maakhir & Khaatumo

Maakhir & KHAATUMO KHAYR - - Maakhir & Khatumo Republic

SSC: Somalinimo, Sinaan Iyo Cadaalad

Midnimo, Xoreyn, Walaaltinimo, Horumar Iyo Barwaaqo

KHAATUMO STATE OF SOMALIA consists of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn (SSC) The western border is Labida, 20km from Buro. The northern border is Jiidale, in Erigavo area. To the east lies Yoo'ada which is near Garowe and on the west is Buhoodle in Ayn region which shares a border with Ethiopia.