The 9th Annual Buccaneer Ball

Started 8 years ago to help a group of ghost hunters blow off steam and relax after our busy season of October. We now invite our friends out there
in the paranormal comunity and others to share this event with us for a night of piratitude, music, food, drinks, dancing, sword play, walking the plank, etc.

"The Captain's" largest event of the year! This be the 9th year that he'll be invited the bilge rats and salty wenches to his little soiree. This year the ships will dock just off the unchartered shore of Mount Holly, NJ. Ye best be bringing your crew, you favorite grog and grub. Most importantly, lest ye want to be keel hauled or dance the hempin jig, ye sould be wearin' your finest pirate, bucceaneer, brigand or wench attire. Lettin' the good Captain know you'll be coming in a timely manner is advised since there is only so much room on his ship. And as always, what happens on board, stays on board.