Amador Garage Sale

Welcome to Amador Garage Sale! The one and only. Please post your items for sale, items you are looking for and upcoming events in your Amador area!!!

~Yard Sale Rules, read before posting!~
This group is set up for QUICK sales, that's why "bumping" or re-posting is not
allowed. The idea is to keep new items at the top as long as possible. When items are bumped it's not fair to other members that just posted new items. "Bumping" is when you make any comments that are unnecessary such as "still available", "Good Deal", "needs to go" and whatnot. Items that are bumped will be deleted, so please don't try and be sneaky about it. One picture per item, unless you make an album.

1. When you have an interested buyer and the arrangements have been made for pick up, the buyer has 24 hours unless pre-negotiated with the seller for pick up, if they do not show up the Seller has the right to sell it to the next person in line.

2. When interested in an item COMMENT UNDERNEATH THE PICTURE that you are interested in it and wait for the Seller to comment. The Seller is responsible to delete the picture immediately after the item has been picked up. No deals should be made by private message alone. You need to express your interest on the page where everyone can see it and wait your turn for the item. Tagging someone is just letting them know that the item is for sale and they MIGHT want it, it is not holding their place in line for the item. Offering more or only private messaging for an item will only get you banned from the group.

3. After one month and no bites have been made on your item it will be removed from the list and can be re-posted one month later.


5. Please write under your picture your price and a small write up. Only one picture will be allowed of an item and grouping would be better for saving space. Without doing this your picture will be removed after 24 hours. Put a price on the item, no "Make offer".

6. This site is a buyer beware site. We the administrators are not responsible in any legal way for anything that happens on this site or off of this site including car accidents, injuries while doing pick ups, fights, broken or damaged goods, money or of giving out personal information. I DO STRONGLY suggest that you do not give out your phone number or address on the wall posts or pictures but to email the buyer your personal contact information.

7. Ads and Sponsored Stories may not promote firearms, ammunition, air soft, paintball guns, bb guns, fireworks, explosives, pepper spray, knives, tasers, or weapons of any kind, including those used for self-defense. Ads and Sponsored Stories may not directly or indirectly link to landing pages where users can purchase any of these products.

Please no posting of undergarments, too many members complain about them when they are posted.

8. This is a CASH ONLY site. Remember not everyone will have the proper change for you, so proper change would be appreciated.

9. DO NOT RE-POST YOUR PICTURES after you have loaded them! It's not fair for everyone that you get to reshuffle your pictures to the top of the pile. If we find that your pictures seem to always be shuffled to the top then they will be removed! If you're reducing the price it's fine, but don't just "bump" them to the top. If you're having trouble keeping track of your pictures there is a way that you can look for them in the "search" field. If you need help let me know. Trying to be sneaky about it will just get your items deleted.

10. If ever you have a question or concern please feel free to PRIVATELY contact one of the administrators and we will try our best to resolve the situation.

11. This is not a bidding war! Price it at what you want for it. Please don't encourage bidding, it will be deleted.

12. Please use caution and good judgement in your dealings on this site. If you feel in the least bit uncomfortable with a situation, always ere on the side of caution. Plan to meet in a neutral location if there is any question at all. Don't feel pressured into doing something you aren't comfortable with.

13. This is a yard sale site, not a store front. Please post things you are trying to clear from your home or storage, not your store (thrift stores are stores) or your home based business (no make-up, candles, pet breeders, diet ads, homemade items etc). Any post that are from a business selling items will be deleted. Businesses can post their items on the AMADOR SMALL BUSINESS SALE group.

14. If you are posting 5 items you need to create a photo album, otherwise your items will be deleted. If you can’t make an album then only post 4 items a day, and preferably not all at one time.

15. If you are having a yard sale at your house you are more than welcome to post that you are having one. We ask that you only post one picture of the yard sale once it is set up.

16. No sales of materials which promote or glorify violence.

Thanks everyone and happy shopping!

This is a buyer beware site, so remember not everything is going to be in mint condition. Be careful!