Gaming & Mobile Entrepreneurship (GAME)

The Gaming & Mobile Entrepreneurship (GAME) get-together's started a few years ago at Stanford and meet every quarter in the Bay Area.

The idea is simple: get together on a regular basis people who are interested in gaming, mobile and entrepreneurship. The event is open so feel free to pass around.

The last events saw over 700 people from: A Bit Lucky, Riot Games, Unity, Blizzard, Nexon, Booyah, Google, ZipZapPlay, Red Octane, PlayFish, Activision, Zynga, Apple, IGN, Neowiz, EA, Trion, Sifteo, Raptr, Playdom, Playspan, PlayFirst, Wikia, Outspark, Nokia, Mastiff, Metaboli/GameTap, Amazon... plus quite a few VC's and angel investors.

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