Amherst Trading Post

Being a "No-Show" is considered very rude, and takes time and sales away from people who might have had another buyer. Not only will you be remember but also removed from this site.

Members who repeatedly claim items, and do not pick them up without further communication with sellers will be banned. The same goes for members who tell seller they may buy an item and then sell it out from under them!

Once money is exchanged, the seller is no longer responsible for the item you bought. No refunds. Check out what you buy before you leave with it. Anyone selling broken or damaged goods beyond normal wear and tare will be permanently banned. This will NOT be allowed on this site.

Amherst Trading Post admin is NOT responsible for anything bought, sold or traded on this site.

NO PORNOGRAPHIC material, Nothing illegal, and NO GOVERNMENT BENEFITS (WIC) allowed, NO spam, NO BLOCKING ADMINS.