Kamloops Wedding Swap/Buy

This group was created for those who are looking to buy, sell or swap wedding supplies, ideas or businesses...

* If you are posting from the computer please post in appropriate album
* DO NOT make your own albums they will be deleted without warning. Contact and admin if you need a album to be created.
*Please post PRICES and INFO on your photos . Make it easier for everyone to know whether they can afford it or not and not to waste your time.
* If pictures are posted from a phone please say so! Photos will be deleted if they dont say so.
*NO DRAMA (if you are the one creating drama you will be deleted)
*Please only bump your item 1 time in a week.
*please only post 1 pictures maximum of your item..If people want to see more you can pm them with more...
*Please take 5 minutes every couple of weeks and go through your pictures and delete what has been sold..
*If you are posting a business please post it in the album for businesses. Please post only 1 picture(not multiples) of your business and post a link to your facebook page or website under picture.Please do not post on the wall.Please keep it in the album for Businesses. If you post on the wall it will be deleted without warning....
*this is not a group for advertising Garage sales, diet stuff you have for sale or anything like that..This site is Strictly for selling wedding items..
*no bashing a person or business on the page..If you have had an issue with someone or business please pm the person who would like to know..

As this group grows it will help keep things organized. Once your item is sold please delete it! This way your pictures wont be deleted before it is sold.This is the same rule that other sell/swap groups use.
Thanks everyone!