Terre Haute Online Yardsale - $15 or LESS or FREE!!

1. This is for meeting in Terre Haute, only!

2. Do NOT comment and try to sell something that is over $15.
If someone comments on your post trying to sell you something over $15, let me know.

3. Selling items must have a price, pick up details, short description, and picture!
Price, pick up details, and a short description has to be written at top of post, not on picture!

4. Free items must have pick up details, and short description!

I will give you one warning, after that I will delete your post. If your post does NOT have a PRICE, a SHORT DISCRIPTION, and a PICK UP LOCATION I will NOT approve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is your warning. If you do this multiple times, you will be deleted from the group!

5. Nothing over $15!

6. Items go to first one to say want, if they do not pick up within 7 days, you can give it to the next person in line, unless other arrangements are made.
If someone says want on your post and doesn't try to set up a pick up time within 24 hours of saying want, pass to the next person.
If you schedule a pick up and they don't show up, pass it to the next person.

7. Anyone who is unreliable, will be deleted from the group. (If you don't show up to your pick up time and place, you will get one warning...after that you'll be deleted.)

8. Some advertising of services is okay. Ex. Babysitting, pet sitting, cleaning, yard work, hauling, etc...prices do not have to be under $15, but it does have to be in Terre Haute only!

Any questions or comments, p.m. me.