Global Calbayognons Club

Who We Are, What We Will Be In The Near Future

Sometime in March 2007, Global Calbayognons Club was created. It started as a cyberspace community of fellow Calbayognons from all over the world. The name Global Calbayognons Club, Inc. had its inception when its members agreed towards a common objective, that is, to help our fellow Calbayognons. Therefore, GCC, Inc. will be formed or organized for charitable, religious, educational, professional, cultural, fraternal, literary, scientific, social, civic service, or similar purposes like trade, industry, agricultural and like chambers, or any combination thereof. It aims to acquire its juridical personality as soon as possible. We are proud to claim at this stage, that GCC, Inc. has now eyed and served some beneficiaries for its outreach/charity programs.