Small Town Jeep Club

This is a Jeep only club. No Toyotas, Suzuki, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge or ricers will be found here. The Small Town Jeep Club was founded by Kile Brown and Brandon Fletcher. Our passion for our Jeeps is what drove us to start this club and so we could get to know more people with this same passion. We have monthly meetings and plan trips to Offroad parks. As a group we will lend a helping hand to one another and offer the best advice that we can. Club activities will be strictly Jeep related, unless it is a wheeling trip. We are always open to suggestions and ideas to make the club the best it can possibly be. But for those of you that have joined, thank you. We encourage you to invite as many Jeepers that you can to make the club the best it can be.

Just a few rules that we ask to keep in consideration prior to posting.
-no trolling: this will not be tolerated in any manner and will result in removal from the page.
-disrespect: we demand that you respect your fellow Jeepers. No downtalking, name calling or any form of disrespect.
-vulgar comments: We understand jokes and humor, but keep in mind that there are under 18 members and women on this page. Let's keep it clean; leave the dirty comments for the trail.
- dedication: help us help you. Simple as that.

This is all common sense stuff, just think before you post.

If you feel anything needs to be added, let us know! We're all ears and will take everything into consideration.

Happy trails!