Real Foods & Nourishing Traditions Egypt

This group is a place for people living in Egypt who are "Real Foodies" to learn, share, discuss, and support each other.

Are you a real foodie?

A “real foodie” is someone who cooks “traditional” food. We cook stuff from scratch using real ingredients, like raw milk, grass-fed beef, eggs from chickens that run around outdoors, whole grains, sourdough and yogurt starters, mineral-rich sea salt, and natural sweeteners like honey and dehydrated cane juice.

We don’t use modern foods that are either fake, super-refined, or denatured. This includes modern vegetable oils, margarine, soy milk, meat from factory farms, pasteurized milk from cows eating corn and soybeans, refined white flour, factory-made sweeteners like HFCS or even refined white sugar, or commercial yeast.

We believe in eating wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that come from nature.

Disclaimer: This group is based on the Weston A. Price Foundation nutritional philosophy and the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook. Group moderators are the Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leaders in Egypt.

Group Guidelines:

1. Please only post questions and information relevant to the group purpose. Members who do not follow that request will be removed from the group.

2. Debate is fine, but be nice!

3. No religious or political discussion. Despite the fact that there are food traditions in religious texts, differing interpretations can cause conflict. (Food politics discussion is fine)

4. Advertising relevant food and natural health products is permitted. Here on the group we love to know about new products and be up to date with what's on the market. When advertising, please just state the facts about your product (what it is, what it is for, price, how it was produced, how people can obtain it). Any type of sensationalized advertising will be deleted.