Iroquois Senior Prom 2014 - What Are Your Thoughts?

The "tradition" of the junior class paying for and putting on the prom for the seniors is absolutely not the best way of doing things. Most years it has worked ok, but then you have years like this where it really doesn't work. That's why I gave the administration (thru a member of the school board) a suggestion of how to fix the process for this year and in the future so that this will not happen again and the kids have said that the solution is already under discussion. My suggestion was for the school district to check the records and find out how much $ this year's senior class paid last year for that senior prom, and whatever that total was, the school district to give them that amount this year to pay for their prom (since they already paid for the prom last year and this would jog the new system into place). Then starting next year, the seniors pay for their own prom. The juniors can still put it on for them to keep that part of the tradition, but the seniors use their own money, that way the seniors can decide how nice a prom they would like and could vote how much they want to put towards prom and how much they would like to put toward their senior trip. They could give the prom $ to the juniors to work with and request where they have the prom, etc. That way it would always be fair to every one involved, and if a class didn't raise enough money for a nice prom, it would be their own problem, not someone else's.