Scorpiones Of Sindh

above line was written to have your attention.
A Big Thanks and Welcome To All Of You
Below Are The Reasons to Get Kicked and Will Never be able to Join this Group again,
Things You Guys Should Avoid !
#1) Posting Own Pictures
#2) Posting +18(adult) Things in the Group
#3) Posting Contact Numbers and Links
#4) Posting Your Page/Group here For Publicity (Contact Admin for this but only those who can pay)
#5) Posting Something bad about any other member
#6) Posting Something that shouldn't be on the page
#7) Abusing Someone even he/she is wrong. you are not allowed to abuse just Complain about him/her but make sure you have the proofs 1st !
#8) Tharki Pan is Strictly not Allowed only admins can do that lol (JK)
#9) Arguing continuously and not obeying the ADMIN
#10) Personal Chats or Chatting about Political Parties and on Religions
and Now a Request For All Members From Admins ... Please Do Tag us on that post which you think should not be here or just report that post so it will be easy for us to remove it straight away !
Thank you Very Much for your Time
Thanks & regards

Group Owner
Lala Faisal Khan
!!! Admins !!!
Noman Bhalai
Mehmood Mallah
Jahangeer Islam