This is a place to post and report important Crime and Dangerous situations pertaining to the health and welfare of the residents of Los Banos.
Call 911 BEFORE reporting here.
This community wall is for the safety and welfare of the residents and businesses of Los Banos. This group operates under the same premise as neighborhood watch. Social media has the ability to get the word out quick and to many people in a short amount of time.
When making a post on Watchdogs please list all available details:
Confirmation that you have called and reported the incident!
What did you see? What Day & Time? Vehicle description: what year make and model, what direction? How many people involved? Can you describe them? What is the location? Cross streets?
We are not responsible for any of the posts in this group however will make a continued effort to ensure it stays respectful and resourceful at all times with all members.
If you are interested in not being banned from the group please never post hate, spam or use profanity or in a way that incites debate and in any way is racist, you and your post will be deleted permanently. In addition to this for privacy reasons we ask that you do not share information/ copy and paste pictures or any material that is posted in the Watchdogs group from another neighbor who posted it! This is a closed group for that reason and we encourage you to ONLY share our group link for your Los Banos friends and family to join the group! If you see a "FOR REVIEW ONLY" above the post it is because we want to post and update neighbors on a incident reported to Watchdogs without comments respecting all involved in a tragic situation or simply if we think it could be a debatable topic! We aren't in the business of censoring anyone however we are committed to our goal at respecting our neighbors at all times. If you notice your comment or post is gone they were kindly removed for this reason only! If you feel it necessary to share your disappointment, disagreement etc. with a neighbor or admin. again this should be done in a private message and not involve the whole group! There will be no warning and no explanation for the removal of you or the post.
We are here to help, to educate and to give a “heads up” to goings on in the community. We are not here to be mean and cruel to others. We are not here to judge others. We are here to be united, and to help.