East Texas Wedding Items and Services (Buy, Sell, Trade, Giveaway)

Guidelines & Tips:
1. This site is run at the administrators’ discretion and we reserve the right to ban anyone from the page who is not following these Guidelines. For most violations we will attempt to send you one warning message before we would ban you, as we do realize that people miss things occasionally.

2. To post an item simply take a picture of the item you wish to sell and upload it to the page. In the caption, briefly describe the item and list the price. Please make sure you explain any defects the furniture may have.

3. Sellers can post up to 10 different pictures a day, but feel free to group your items in your pictures to be able to list more items. You may also create an album on your page and add it to the Furniture Finds On-Line page, which may be posted once a day.

4. Transactions should be done in a timely manner, at a place and time agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller. If buyer fails to pick up the item, the seller reserves the right to re-post. Sellers may only have each item posted once. Please delete duplicate pictures prior to re-posting items.

5. Once your item has been sold and picked up, delete your picture within 48 hrs of being sold. If the item has not been picked up and is still available, please clarify in the comments of the picture so there is no confusion. You may also delete the comments if the person no showed.

6. Prospective buyers browsing the site are free to inquire about items for sale by commenting on the picture. Sellers are encouraged to use a “first come, first serve” approach when buyers express interest in making a purchase. Understanding that any particular item may be desired by multiple users, this approach helps with smooth transactions.

7. We encourage sellers and buyers to finalize transactions through messaging or wall to wall post. This is just in case addresses or phone numbers are being shared and protects both parties privacy.

8. Buyers and sellers should show integrity when using the fan page. It is impossible for the page administrators to moderate (or mediate) all posts and transactions. Watch language and subject matter of items that you are posting.

9. This site was created for people around the Longivew area.

10. Businesses are not authorized to post on the wall!. This includes promotion of your business or specials.

11. Users may not post derogatory comments or complaints about other users on the page Wall. Any complaints regarding violators can be addressed to Brandi Baricza or Timm Baricza by private message.

12. Sellers should ensure items for sale are in good, working condition. If items have multiple pieces, make sure all pieces are present prior to posting for sale. Show assembly procedures for items that require it upon completion of sale. Buyers are responsible for making sure all pieces are there before money is exchanged. It is up to the seller as to whether or not they want to use the "All sales are final" approach. Please do not buy things you have not looked at first.

13. It is up to the seller as to what forms of payment will be accepted at time of purchase.

15. We do keep a running list of people that have been warned about the guidelines. After the first warning, the second time you breach the rules, you will be banned.

16. Please keep in mind that we administrators DO NOT get paid for this. We all have families and lives of our own, so we aren't able to constantly police the site. Please help us by taking responsibility for you own posts!

17. Here is some "lingo" you may see posted:
- OBO: Or Best Offer
- LTB: Looking To Buy
- WTB: Want To Buy
- PM: Private message
- BUMP: Bring Up My Post
this will pring your post up to the top of the page, only one time per day.
- PPU: Pending Pick UpSee