Highway Wanderers

Members of the Highway Wanderers Chapter of the CMCA. Motorhomer...s who are spread far and wide around Australia and often spend several months or more on the road. Membership by invitation only.
Our rules are not hard and fast, that's where asking admin for approval comes in.
Posts or comments will be DELETED without any correspondence if these rules are not adhered to.
**Highway wanderers content only Group , anything not relevant to theHighway Wanderers lifestyle will be deleted.
****If unsure ask - via message, not post****
** NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED & will not be tolerated
** No For Sale items.
** No Advertising businesses unless it is an "honest" recommendation
** NO PROMOTING OTHER GROUPS or SITES unless Admin approved, please ask first or it will be deleted
***Highway Wanderers Travel BLOGS - OK****
** Sadly as well as all the rules we are forced to add, we have to follow suit with other groups and to not allow LOST or Damaged RV's and Vehicles, some have not been stolen but have been a result of domestic and/or property and/or business disputes.
** NO missing persons, (unless it is a Police Bulletin) sadly because 'people' use it as a rue to find ex partners, bullying or were not genuine missing persons. As sad as it is, those non genuine people spoil it for the genuine.
Go to - The Australian Missing Persons Register on facebook
** We will not tolerate any form of nastiness or being rude and no swearing. No Religious persecutions or judgement, no politics & definitely no Racist comments.
** No negative attitude toward other members questions. If so your post will be deleted and you will be banned from the group.
**** No criticism of members posts, members do NOT post to hear negativity it is uncalled for. Keep it to yourself. Trolls are not welcome in this group.
**** No Blocking Admin - No exception, if so blocker will be banned from the Group.
**** There are Groups specifically set up for SELLING, or LOST PERSONS or STOLEN VEHICLES, complaining, Politics , NAME & SHAME....etc etc .....so please use them.
Seeing as Admin are full time on the road we might be in and out of internet coverage, so I hope fellow members let us know if there is any inappropriate posts or replies,
We as Admin strive to police this Group and the pictures and comments to the best of our ability but the poster must take responsibility for copyright of the content that they post.