Collaroy Cougars Subbies

Long over due has a new Subbies side been needed on the beaches and we are looking to start a new Subbies culture down associated with the Collaroy Cougars. This is a little premature but getting numbers together is the only barrier stopping Collaroy from starting a new side. Sorry if you are not interested in playing and this has popped up, but is the only semi efficient way of spreading the word, feel welcomed to delete yourself from this group and thanks for your time.

So the deal is in 2015 we want to have a start a sixth grade Subbies team, with the sole intention of having a social time with a bit of footy on the side. So if your are interested please let Sam Nicholas, Jason 'Watto' Pearce or myself know and we will keep you in the loop. Add whom ever you think will be up for playing. GO THE COUGARS!!!