The Family's Of Fort Myers Inc.

OKAY!! LOOK AT YOURSELF FAMILY AND HOW MUCH YOU OWN OR HAVE MONTH TO MONTH EVEN WEEK TO WEEK YOU DID 'IT (BUY) YOURSELF WITH AS MUCH OR NO HELP FROM (FAM). With that being said, WE as a group are a asset to each other to have a better life no grief, no liven bill to bil.l WE must understand Differences make us strong in so many ways in this new world business Our FAMILY is one of the biggest in Fort Myers time to act like it. We all have something special to offer a FAMILY BUSINESS and it can help us too with school proms to graduation, docter bill etc.... YOU IN simple four (family reunion) Family board meeting a year one family account all family member are private partner and receive (visa cards) with (dividend your share of profits) at the end of every business year. How to profit invest in each other