Quambatook Football and Netball Club

The Quambatook Football and Netball teams wear the tri colours of Red, Black and White proudly and are known as the 'Mighty Saints'. We are a Family Club and are always open to receiving new members.If you are interested in being a Member or Sponsor please contact any of the people listed under our Contacts section in the documents

This group is run by representatives of Quambatook football and netball Club. The purpose of this group is to publicise the club and engage members of the club and the local community. Giving prominence to events organised by or supported by Quambatook football and Netball Clubs and encourage people to volunteer to help the club.

Please be aware that any offensive comments, bad language or malicious behaviour will result in comments being deleted and possibly your removal from the group.

Also as this is an open group, please refrain from gossiping or defaming other clubs and players.

If you object to any posting please contact the group administrator to submit your objection. Complaints will be handled in the strictest confidence and if upheld messages will be deleted, in serious or repeated cases membership from this group will be removed.