Youtube | Google Keyword Search & Watch Group

This group is all about helping get your keywords get ranked in Google using YouTube videos.

We are seeing that manual Google Keyword searches and video watch time for your keywords are a HUGE ranking factor.

Rules: Two videos per day MAX. Must have a LEGIT ip address. No PROXIES or VPN'S!

Video Must be in the Top 100 Search results

Posting your video:

Post your keyword / or thumbnail or the last part of your Youtube URL (Example =_GOWSOUKdVg) along with the current position on google. This way people will know what video to watch.

Do not search with " "

Example: "how to jump high" Rank 3 | (has a red and black thumbnail on B-ball court" =_GOWSOUKdVg Thanks!

1. Have or create a LEGIT Google/Youtube Account that your are active on. These accounts need to be in good standing.

2. Find a post on the group - sign into your Google account.- Go to - enter the requested keyword - Find and click on the video in google. Watch the ENTIRE video.

Bonus Like - Comment, Watch other videos on the Youtube account.

4. Report back on the original Post that you Searched Click and Watched or SCW.

Any suggestions with this group or Google ranking discoveries please message me and NOT post on this group.