Utah Republican Provo Precinct 13

As we are approaching the Utah State Republican Nominating Convention I'd like to summarize the "Meet the Candidates" impressions I have taken away: Candidates are reluctant to offer solutions for our Country's most pressing problems, presumably because those solutions may not sit well with ALL the Delegates. Just stating that they will uphold the Republican Platform doesn't help us differentiate between Candidates. I was certainly Hoping that these meetings would help the Republican Party crystallize how we can resolve some of these BIG issues that are hurting our Country, such as: 1. We need Congressional Term Limits to fight Corruption because of the enormous money and power that is leveraged in Washington D.C. The Founding Fathers intended elected officials to be more Volunteers in their service to the Country rather than getting rich on Taxpayers funds. Voters enable this by constantly voting for incumbents in spite Congress having the lowest approval rating in history. 2. Immigration; Securing the borders and deporting criminal illegals is good but does not address the millions of immigrants already in the Country. There should a path to eventual Citizenship if they have jobs, pay their taxes, and are law abiding. 3. Civil Unions should be authorized by the State Governments allowing non-traditional unions to exist and be treated "Equally under the Law" just like slaves in Lincoln's America. This would short circuit the possibility of the Supreme Court forcing States to issue "marriage" licenses to non-traditional couples. 4. ACA obviously needs major reforms but don't "throw out the baby with the bathwater". Preserve the good changes BUT fight "tooth and nail" against what some people say will happen, the eventual replacement of the ACA with a one-payer system like Socialist Countries have. If anyone has other ideas about these four BIG ISSUES or others close to your heats, I'd like to hear from you.