Knox County Online Kid's Items Sale

Regulations for the page...
Please do ALL sales through comments on the page, not pm's. It will save much confusion later on!!
NO CRIB SALES! Baby food, or Formula!!! ( I don't care what kind it is or if you have a receipt proving it was NOT a WIC or Food stamp purchase! )
DO NOT post personal info on the page. Your safety is first. Use private messaging to set up pick up/drop off.

ALL PHOTOS NEED TO BE IN ALBUMS!! UNLESS You can make albums from all cell phones! 4 photos a day (24 hour Period). ALL items need to be priced ON the photo description NOT the comments!

NO DRAMA- drama will result in banning!- Contact Erin Cochran, Christy Hershner, Shirley Parker or Jessica Fabrizio for ANY complaints, questions or concerns
NO SHOWS result in deletion. unless it is an excusable reason. You wouldn't like to be stood up.
First to comment they are interested (not a general comment or asking questions or if still available) gets first chance to buy. Up to 12 hours to respond back to you if they asked for a lower price and you stated otherwise. DO NOT SELL FROM UNDER PEOPLE! We do NOT expect you to hold items for more than 3 days for anyone! We are all here to get rid of items not hold on to them.

When setting up pick up/drop off, give the other person good info ie. vehicle info, cell number, row of the parking lot, or if on the square closest business.and DELETE picture when sold, mark PPU if sale is pending. If you are unable to delete please comment sold and tag an admin. Thanks
And lastly, we are adults, act accordingly Blessed buying and selling!