York MUMbler

York MUMbler is designed to be a social hub for mums (and dads) & soon-to-be parents in York.

I'm had my first baby, Edith in 2012 and having seen the amazing support network offered by mums in Harrogate through my sisters site, Harrogate MUMbler, I wanted to replicate that for York mums.

The aim of the group is to share the vast wealth of knowledge among York mums and all new members are very welcome.

I post up and coming events in the area, and welcome members to do the same. Outings and trips to various places are always better with friends, so please come along to any of the outings listed. We have a monthly meet up on the first Friday of the month at pear tree farm at monks cross. You're all very welcome!

I also arrange the occasional social event for mums only such as meals out. Again, please join in - even if you are new to the group, you are more than welcome to come along to anything that tickles your fancy!

If you would like to sell anything, particularly baby/childrens items, feel free to post them on the board but only at weekends.

Iif you have any useful parent related local information that you would like to share (places of interest, play groups, day trips out etc) then please message me or post on the board, I will compile a list and post it as a document so that others can share the information.

If you are new to the group and/or the area and would like to introduce yourselves on the board then please do. If you would like to introduce yourself privately, then please message me through facebook and I will be happy to meet you for a coffee and chat in York before you meet more members of the group. We are very friendly though, so please join in!

If you are a local business or commercial enterprise of any sort then please read the 'MUMbler Etiquette' document in the 'docs' section and contact me before advertising on the wall. Please pm me (Emily Pickard) if you need any further information.