this message came from d SSS office abujaBREAKING NEWS! Security alert!! Privileged information reveals the mass arrival of BOKO HARAM Fighters to Southern Nigeria, especially to LAGOS and RIVERS States. We have been advised to take urgent and adequate security measures in Churches, especially on Sundays and in places with large gathering such as markets, shopping malls, cinemas, parks. etc. Pls pass on to other friends & family members, especially those residing in PH and Lagos. News is that our enemy is planning something bigger than Nyanya bomb blast btw Tuesday n Wednesday in Abuja. Mind ur movement and be careful, the place is still unknown. Pls pass round to save ur love ones. May God help us & save our country. Pls the message is from a reliable source in the UN office, dont disregard, pls share. These are d police control numbers of each state in Nigeria, kindly call for rapid response to any criminal incident: Abia - 08035415405.Admwa- 08089671313.AkIbom - 08039213071. Anmbra -07039194332.Bauchi - 08151849417.Bayelsa - 07034578208.Benue - 08066006475.Borno - 08068075581.C-River - 08133568456.Delta - 08036684974.Ebonyi - 07064515001.Edo - 08037646272.Ekiti - 08062335577.Enugu - 08032003702.FCT - 07057337653.Gombe - 08150567771.Imo - 08034773600.Jigawa 08075391069.Kaduna - 08123822284.Kano - 08032419754.Katsina - 08075391255.Kebbi - 08038797644.Kogi - 08075391335.Kwara 07032069501.Lagos - 07055462708.Nasarwa 08123821571.Niger - 08081777498.Ogun - 08032136765.Ondo - 07034313903.Osun - 08075872433.Oyo - 08081768614.Plateau - 08126375938.Rivers - 08032003514.Sokoto - 07068848035.Taraba - 08140089863.Yobe - 070393h01585.Zamfa - 0810658012Please forward this to your loved ones NOW.