315 Cell Phones And Electronics

Okay I'm making some new rules the first rule is you must post a picture with the your post. Second you must post price and location if these things are not in that post the post will be deleted.. After the second time that your post gets deleted because you do not follow the rules you will be banned and I will notify you why you got ban. You are not allowed to say Pm me for pic. Also I ask that once the item is sold you please delete the post I will be cleaning out the group post. Also you can bump the post after 12 of 24 hours. I also notified that some people are not showing up to the sales or to meet. If you do a no-show twice you will be ban. I have been letting some people slide but that is not the case anymore I'm sick of people not following the rules. If you have any concerns or questions about the rules please message me. If you have read the rules and understand please comment agree.
If you have an issue, do not take it up in the comments. Please message me.
I hope you all have pleasant experiences here!!!