The second Daily Mail list of 'Things that prevent you from cancer'.

Well, it’s a Tuesday, which is my day off, so instead of learning about Marxism (Karl Marx also had too much free time, it seems) I did this as a follow up to ‘The Daily Mail list of Things that give you cancer’, due to high demand from friends and members. Ask and you get.

Here is a shortlist of the things that the Daily Mail think can cause you cancer AND prevent you from cancer. I have also done a list above it which is a prevention list. Personally, I’d rather go to a hospital or doctor. Putting contradictory and scare-mongering articles about serious issues like cancer as a marketing campaign is lame. It's just not very good journalism.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do not pretend that I did this alone. In some cases, various websites literally did the job for me. Thanks for all the help.

Same as before, I have not included everything, as the smoking articles alone outnumber the population of China. Hence, this list compiles the staggering amount of articles that range from ‘quite silly’ to ‘fucking stupid’.

Most importantly, this is just a facebook group and I’m just an a-level student being a bit grumpy. Don’t take it too seriously. Please enjoy, comment and invite.