Fordham Women's Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment (WE): a feminist student community dedicated to empowering people of all genders through weekly meetings, educational speakers, proactive campaigns or projects and dialogues.

email: [email protected]

Community Standards:
these help us hold each other accountable in a way that is loving and productive

Respect : follow the “golden rule”
Honesty : tell the truth
Liberated Zone : speak your mind, but know that you will be held accountable to what you say
Literacy Moment : if you don’t know a word or concept, ask
Step Up – Step Down : if you don’t speak much, step up; if you find yourself speaking a lot, step down
Confidentiality : what’s said in the space remains confidential
“I” Voice : speak from your perspective; don’t generalize
Oops Ouch : if someone says ouch, it’s a quick indicator that they’ve been triggered; saying oops quickly resolves the situation
Be Present : do not become distracted from the space; put your phone away
Real Talk : say what you mean; don’t get caught up in fancy language
Vulnerability : allow yourself to be vulnerable so we can be in community