3 Eyed Telepathic Kittens!!

if there's any doubt of great customer service still existing, search no further. with pedigrees kindness and empathy, us here at 3 eyed telepathic kittens bring to you the olympic gold in quality quagmires and pristine penmanship.

where did i find this mop? look no further than the mop bucket.
it's that simple. it's even easy.

who invented the light switch? take a look, it's in a book, a reading rainbow.

so kick back, relax, look over to your left, then your right, now touch your toes. do you feel the burn? it may be gas. watch your bean intake. they'll blast your innards out in a deluxe gas-form in the shape of slimy ghost. it will climb the walls and cling to your curtains. do you smell it?

there's a danger in smelling somebody too much. i've been called a creep from sniffing customers. that is not great customer service. but let's face the facts, some people smell really nice.

what are you wearing? you smell like lilacs and peppermint.