Keenan Wallace Dunham For United States President 2016

Keenan Wallace Dunham is running for President of the United States for 2016. He has an activist campaign with five main ideas for any one to take up with Mr. Dunham and his supporters. We campaign for Ending All Domestic Spying and Political Targeting of Citizens in the USA, building Solar and Green Energy Across America, 100% Legalized Cannabis Nationwide, End of Personal Income Taxes State and Federal, and the beginning of Space Colonization by NASA & Private Companies. Please come here for Organizing to be Volunteers or Staff for the Campaign. Please add Keenan Wallace Dunham on facebook to talk with Mr. Dunham directly & learn more and ask questions. And for all the information and materials to share with any one you meet visit and Keenan Dunham on youtube. Let's break all chains and join many good Americans to our cause! God bless America!