An Anchor In Port

The aim of An Anchor In Port is to create a group for seafarers, their partner’s and family where we can all support each other. This is a safe place to reach out to when you need an ear to listen from people that understand this life and its challenges or maybe you simply want to share something that’s happened to you.

My name is Bianca and I am your admin here. My husband has been a seafarer for near on 12 years now so I laughingly refer to myself as a veteran of this life.

First up there are a few rules that I ask all members to comply with or you will be banned:

This page is not a pick up page.
This page is not about naming and shaming companies so people will be asked to refrain from doing so. Just refer to work as The Company or something like that.
Any nasty, aggressive or bullying behavior will see you gone with no warnings.

Thank you now information you should know:

This is a fun and informative page and any advice given here should never take the place of professional opinions or recommendations.
If you are in crisis please contact your local crisis center or inbox here and I will help with someone close to you.

I hope that you find a community of friends here and enjoy sharing with us all