Eddyville Swap & Shop


These are the guidelines for this site.
It is the responsibility of each member to be aware and follow them.

Abusing the site by disregarding these requests will result in having posts removed, and repeated abuse will cause you to be banned from posting here. These actions will be taken without you being informed.
This group has grown so large that I feel it has become necessary to enforce things. Hope everyone keeps this board friendly and fun for all.

You can post up to 10 items without putting them in an album. When one sells and you delete the post, then post another one. Keeping no more than 10 at a time under your name.
Once your item sells, please delete the post and any photos related to it.
Place 10 or more items into an album, and bump ONLY the album itself.
Do not go into your own album and bump every photo in it. This will cause your entire album to be removed.
Do not tell a seller you intend to buy something and then tell them you were doing it for someone else. If you post, then its your responsibility to make the purchase. If you commit for someone else, then you are still the responsible person. Please be respectful to the sellers.
If you request an item, and it is a long time before you will have the money, give the other buyers a chance first. I understand both sides, but sometimes people post items to have the income right away.
If you are asked to hold an item for a period of time, make sure you are comfortable with it.
The seller has the right to choose whom they sell to. I am a little opposed to this, but there is nothing I can do about it. Respectfully, the seller should give the option of buying to the first person who inquires, but that is up to them.
If you state to someone that you will sell them an item, do not sell it to someone else without their knowledge.

You must set the facebook view to "desktop view", which is at the bottom of the options screen that drops down on the upper left hand corner of the facebook page. When you get to the desktop view, you will be able to do anything you can do from a computer. Find the Swap and Shop group and click on "Add Photo" and select the album option.

When you put a description of your item in an album, it should show up on the listing. It is not necessary for you to place the same description under every photo. When you do this, each one of the photos are then bumped onto the page and take up numerous pages of listings. If someone cannot see the price and wants to know, then they will ask you.
If you do place the price in the description, and it is being bumped onto the page, only do 10 in a 24 hour period. That way others' posts are not lost in all of yours.

If you have an items listed for sale, do not create another identical posting without deleting the old one first. This will result in both of them being removed.
You are responsible for finding and deleting your old post. Type your name or the item in the search area and it should pull it back up for you.


Remove the items from your album when it sells.
Name your album something that will help you and others find it. Such as : your name, and the date, or the items contained and your name.

It is the responsibility of the seller and buyer to set up meeting place and time. If you commit to meeting, follow through with it. Do not back out at the last minute unless you have an emergency. Some people drive a long way to meet, and you need to show them enough respect to be there and to be prompt.
Exchange cell numbers if possible. Do not post on the board for all your buyers to contact you. If you have multiple items to sell, it is up to you to keep a list with names, numbers, and amounts. If you have a hard time keeping up, then remove some of your posts and only post a manageable amount.
When you meet, it is wise to only meet in PUBLIC PLACES if you do not know the person. Maybe talk to someone on the phone when meeting, or take someone with you. It is not wise to meet alone at a strangers' house. Please be careful of this. This is a small town, but there are still people out there who have ill intentions.
Be specific about the locations.

DRAMA: Please do everything possible to not cause drama. Your posts will be removed, and you possibly banned. Do not harass people here.
No negative comments on posts, please. If you are not going to purchase it or do not have something positive to say about it, then do not post at all. These comments will be removed and you will be "warned" one time, and banned if you do it again.

Use the search bar in the upper right hand corner to search for your items. You can type your name or the specific item, and it will usually find it for you. If you cannot do this, then you will have to scroll through the posts until you find it.
ALL MEMBERS, PLEASE DO THIS AND REMOVE YOUR OLD POSTS. If it sells or is more than 30 days old, remove it.

If you have any personal issues and the person is in violation of my requests, please message me and I will take care of it. Please message me with any questions you have as well. Thank you all. :)

Hopefully everyone will find the new guidelines easy to follow and it will make the board fun for everyone.