Yeong Wonhan Chingu ( KFC 10-28-11)

The purpose of our KOREAN FANS CLUB is for us to be able to introduce k-pop more accurate to the society as what other fans club/group does and for the wholeness of those who also love's KOREANS it also encourages the youth, rather than using drugs, gambling getting involve in crimes and other self-destructing activities instead,joining and getting involve to fans club is a much better activity. Also it helps us develop our personality as individual,cultivate our creativity and one self-reliance


because of the hobbies,the addiction and possession of our barkadas/friends of korean beauties dramas music and trends we have had come to think of a group called korean fans club either ways the artist as well as their biography that we have had readen we were very impressed and from then on we started to love their culture as well as their place korea