HGV Drivers jobs Direct !!

Guys, this is a no agency site, serving drivers and companies ONLY. If you're an agency, DON'T BOTHER JOINING - YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

I run a service called Text4Jobs. It is completely free for drivers to use and by far the easiest way for them find work. Text4Jobs works because all you have to do is text a job code to 81025, for free. We cut out the middle man, putting employers directly in touch with people looking for work, which means NO AGENCIES!

Job codes always start with "T4J ", followed by a two letter code for the type of driving work, such as "HG" for HGV1 work, or "HV" for HGV2 work. Lastly, you'll need to state the first part of the postcode where you are based. Such as "CO1" for Colchester. There MUST be spaces in between the three parts of the code.
For example, text "T4J HG CO1" to 81025 for HGV1 jobs based in Colchester.

Once you have sent your code, you'll be live on the Text4Jobs system for 2 weeks - as jobs come in that are close to you for the type of work you're after, you will receive the details of those jobs by text message.

Find out more about Text4Jobs at http://www.text4jobs.net/

We'll be putting the codes for jobs on here as we hear about them.

Remember - TEXT4JOBS IS COMPLETELY FREE for drivers to use when looking for work. Please tell your friends and fellow drivers about Text4Jobs.

If you are an agency, I will remove you - this is for driving jobs direct.

Drive safe!