Onalaska Hockey Strength and Conditioning

I will not be at the game tonight so I'm going to count on you to warm the guys up. I will list below the order of the exercises for the dynamic warm up. Basically I work my way from the top of the body down (so start with the shoulders and upper body and allow blood to flow all the way to the feet).
General Warm Up (2 or 3 laps should be 2-3 minutes, just to raise the body temperature, jogging, biking, jumping in place whatever is available.)
1. Heel to Toe Walks with Forward Arm Circles
2. Heel to Toe Walks with backward Arm Circles
3. Normal Skip with Arm Circles
4. Backward Skip with Backward Arm Circles
5. World's Greatest Stretch. Hold the hip flexor stretch for 2 secs.
6. Walking RDL's. Pretend we have Dumbbells in our hands. Head's down to promote a neutral spine.
7. Hip Circles Forward to open up hips
8. Hip Circles Backwards to open up hips
9. Messi's to activate groin. This is the one where I have the defenseman pivot differently.
10. Quad Stretch with a reach.
11. Lateral Skater Stride with a BIG PUSH OFF
12. Forward Skating Stride. Pull leg straight through. GOOD POSTURE. Relax the upper body
13. Ankle Circles x 10 both ways, each ankle
14. Power Skips for height. As high as possible
15. 24 Jumping Jacks
15. Kick Some ASS TONIGHT!